Downton Abbey Season 5 News & small recap of seasons past


** The following contains spoilers of the previous seasons of Downton Abbey. If you haven’t seen any or all of the episodes, then I suggest you should. It’s quite a captivating series ; ) **


I may be a bit late on the horse, but I’m quite excited for the new season of Downton Abbey. I’ve been a long fan of the show and like the twist and turns that it gives you, as well as the humor that lies within. The show has undergone a series of change within the cast since day one. From the death of a beloved to the absence of a housemaid. There’s always a surprise in store.

With Season 5 along the way, there will be speculations made, strings will be tied, while I’m sure there will be many more loose threads. With the terror that has been bestowed upon Anna leaves us wondering if Mr. Bates has committed murder upon Anna’s suspect or is he innocent of his death. Which leads more speculation of his past. Anna and Mr. Bates has proven to be quite the couple in Downton. Bates have been honest with Anna, but I’m sure one thing that he hasn’t been truly honest about his past. I do hope that no more misfortune comes between them as Bates truly wants the best in their relationship.

Then there is the story Lady Edith. To her misfortune she was jilted at the alter and fell pregnant to a man that disappeared.  The first time that we see hope for Lady Edith only for it to be taken away. The main question is will she give the baby away and never tell her parents about it or will she keep the baby and gain scrutiny from many and possibly ruin the reputation of the Crawleys. In modern day, it wouldn’t be much a problem, but seeing the how strict life was then, it’ll be most likely that Lady Edith won’t have much of a future in Downton if she is to keep the baby. I do believe that she won’t give it away, seeing that’s the only thing that would remind her of Gregson.

And we can’t forget about the lady of the house Lady Mary. Who has taken half ownership of the Abbey since the death of her late husband, Matthew. Along last season we’ve seen the role of what a modern day women will do, but, of course, with a historical twist. Lady Mary has helped run the company along side with her father and Tom Branson. Then there is a possiblity of two suitors for Mary. The main question is will Lady Mary finally move on fully or will she still be reminded of Matthew and cause heartbreak to the men?


So the big news of Season 5! PBS has made news of the new cast that will be joining Downton Abbey for season 5.

“Richard E. Grant (Girls, Gosford Park, Doctor Who) is joining the cast as Simon Bricker, who visits Downton Abbey as a guest of the Granthams.

Anna Chancellor (The Hour, Four Weddings and a Funeral) joins in a guest role, playing Lady Anstruther, and Rade Sherbedgia (Eyes Wide Shut, 24) plays a Russian refugee.

Returning guest cast member Dame Harriet Walter will reprise her role as Lady Shackleton, along with Peter Egan, returning as Lord Flintshire.”

– PBS, Downton Abbey

Shown left to right: Rade Sherbedgia, Anna Chancellor, Richard E. Grant

With the news the article also states that Season 5 will premiere on Sunday, January 4, 2015, 9pm ET on MASTERPIECE Classic on PBS. Seeing that the US gets their air date later than the UK, Forbes announced just days ago that Downton Abbey will premiere in ITV on Thursday, August 14, 2014.

Well here’s the new teaser trailer for Season 5:

Mr. Carson states, “I feel a shaking of the ground I stand on. The nature of life is not permanence, but flux. Things are changing.”

So what do you think? What will happen to the Crawley’s?


Quick question of the day: Who is your favorite Downton Abbey cast member, deceased or alive? Why? I’ll say that my favorite member so far was Lady Sybil. She was true to herself and stood up for what she felt was right, even though at the time it was considered unacceptable. I often can relate to Lady Sybil which is why she was my favorite character in the series.



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