Bundle Updates!

I’ve been late on my updates, but I’m here and ready to go! This post will be a Bundle Update which holds freebies and new and soon release content.


It’s official! Trove will soon be closed beta on Sept 25th! All players who have access to Trove Alpha will also get access to Closed Beta. Also early supporters will get access to Closed Beta and all 13 tier of Bonus Supporter rewards. So snag these limited time rewards before servers closed for beta release here: http://www.trovegame.com/support-trove/.



New On the House game from Origin: Wing Commander III: Heat of a Tiger. On the House games are free games from EA. No purchase necessary once claim are yours to keep. These
On the House offers only last for a limited time so act now.






KJ-52’s New Album “Mental” is to due to release on October 21st. Anyone planning to pre-order must do so now as they are doing a limited-time offer. For $6.99, buyers get to download two of KJ’s hit single “Gameface (feat. KB & Soul Glo Activator)” for free. So click this link to get an early download: smarturl.it/ibegoinmental14


MMORPG.com is hosting lots of giveaways in there special offers page here: http://www.mmorpg.com//features.cfm/view/special_offers  Offers include closed Beta keys and gift packs for games. But hurry these offers don’t last long.


Head over to Freefly’s and snag limited time freebies and also get products for free or cheap with money saving coupons. I’ve been using Freefly’s for a few years and have gotten countless freebies from this site. Definitely a true believer.


Any PSH Users? Enistachia has been hosting a monthly contest since August having a different topic every month. This month is Playstation Home Hoarder. User must submit a photo of them being in or near a mess of items in their personal space. Winner with the most votes (likes) will get three months of Playstation Plus. Deadline to submit your photos is September 29th.



ABC’s The Quest Season Premier July 31st!

Embark on a journey where twelve lucky contestants get to make fantasy a reality. ABC’s The Quest takes those into a new form of fantasy-reality. These twelve competitors must endure an epic adventure in a mystical kingdom named Everealm. These competitors, known as Paladins, must stay in a castle where they would embark on a quest. Every week they must compete challenges to save the kingdom, if failed they may be eliminated. Instead of the show being on set with a host, the players must role play making the place feel real. The show is being produced by co-creator of “The Amazing Race” Betram van Munster and “Lord of the Rings” Mark Ordesky. While the story is developed by Haxan Films Gregg Hale and Eduardo Sanchez. The queen is played by Susanne Gschwendtner as Queen Ralia, Marcello de Nardo plays a shady Grand Vizier, and Jan Hutter plays the guide Crio.

The Quest premiers on July 31st 8/7 pm c. While we wait here is the cast of the show:

Question of the Day:

If you could be in any reality show, which would it be? For me, if The Quest turns out to be as good as the commercial states, then I would definitely want to be in it.


Free Games: Sims 2 and Peggle


EA has decided to give Sims 2 Ultimate Collection free after dropping support on Sims 2 just a week ago,  the game has been out in the market for about a decade since its launch in 2004. To get the free game is quite simple. If you haven’t done so already, set up an account at https://www.origin.com/. Once you have the account, download the Origin client and then click on the Origin tab. Under that link click redeem code and put the product code “I-LOVE-THE-SIMS.” The Ultimate Collection includes University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, FreeTime, and Apartment Life expansions. The offer expires on July 31st.

While your at the Origin client don’t forget to download Peggle as well. Just head over to Free Games tab in the store and click On the House and get Peggle for free, but don’t wait too long these On the House deals can leave the store at anytime.

Downton Abbey Season 5 News & small recap of seasons past


** The following contains spoilers of the previous seasons of Downton Abbey. If you haven’t seen any or all of the episodes, then I suggest you should. It’s quite a captivating series ; ) **


I may be a bit late on the horse, but I’m quite excited for the new season of Downton Abbey. I’ve been a long fan of the show and like the twist and turns that it gives you, as well as the humor that lies within. The show has undergone a series of change within the cast since day one. From the death of a beloved to the absence of a housemaid. There’s always a surprise in store.

With Season 5 along the way, there will be speculations made, strings will be tied, while I’m sure there will be many more loose threads. With the terror that has been bestowed upon Anna leaves us wondering if Mr. Bates has committed murder upon Anna’s suspect or is he innocent of his death. Which leads more speculation of his past. Anna and Mr. Bates has proven to be quite the couple in Downton. Bates have been honest with Anna, but I’m sure one thing that he hasn’t been truly honest about his past. I do hope that no more misfortune comes between them as Bates truly wants the best in their relationship.

Then there is the story Lady Edith. To her misfortune she was jilted at the alter and fell pregnant to a man that disappeared.  The first time that we see hope for Lady Edith only for it to be taken away. The main question is will she give the baby away and never tell her parents about it or will she keep the baby and gain scrutiny from many and possibly ruin the reputation of the Crawleys. In modern day, it wouldn’t be much a problem, but seeing the how strict life was then, it’ll be most likely that Lady Edith won’t have much of a future in Downton if she is to keep the baby. I do believe that she won’t give it away, seeing that’s the only thing that would remind her of Gregson.

And we can’t forget about the lady of the house Lady Mary. Who has taken half ownership of the Abbey since the death of her late husband, Matthew. Along last season we’ve seen the role of what a modern day women will do, but, of course, with a historical twist. Lady Mary has helped run the company along side with her father and Tom Branson. Then there is a possiblity of two suitors for Mary. The main question is will Lady Mary finally move on fully or will she still be reminded of Matthew and cause heartbreak to the men?


So the big news of Season 5! PBS has made news of the new cast that will be joining Downton Abbey for season 5.

“Richard E. Grant (Girls, Gosford Park, Doctor Who) is joining the cast as Simon Bricker, who visits Downton Abbey as a guest of the Granthams.

Anna Chancellor (The Hour, Four Weddings and a Funeral) joins in a guest role, playing Lady Anstruther, and Rade Sherbedgia (Eyes Wide Shut, 24) plays a Russian refugee.

Returning guest cast member Dame Harriet Walter will reprise her role as Lady Shackleton, along with Peter Egan, returning as Lord Flintshire.”

– PBS, Downton Abbey

Shown left to right: Rade Sherbedgia, Anna Chancellor, Richard E. Grant

With the news the article also states that Season 5 will premiere on Sunday, January 4, 2015, 9pm ET on MASTERPIECE Classic on PBS. Seeing that the US gets their air date later than the UK, Forbes announced just days ago that Downton Abbey will premiere in ITV on Thursday, August 14, 2014.

Well here’s the new teaser trailer for Season 5:

Mr. Carson states, “I feel a shaking of the ground I stand on. The nature of life is not permanence, but flux. Things are changing.”

So what do you think? What will happen to the Crawley’s?


Quick question of the day: Who is your favorite Downton Abbey cast member, deceased or alive? Why? I’ll say that my favorite member so far was Lady Sybil. She was true to herself and stood up for what she felt was right, even though at the time it was considered unacceptable. I often can relate to Lady Sybil which is why she was my favorite character in the series.


MagicaVoxel Tutorial- Trove Edition

I haven’t seen any tutorial for MagicaVoxel and basically had to figure it out on my own. Which I don’t mind it helps to stimulate the mind. Seeing that many people have questions about using this program, I figured why not make one. It’s really not a hard program to work with, you just have to think about it like if your sculpting a piece of clay, except that you’re sculpting out square after square. If there are any other tips and tricks that you think will help then comment and I’ll update this post.


The interface is easy to work with. On the bottom towards the middle there’s a button with an “i” circled, click it on it and it tells you what each button does when you highlight over it.



For this tutorial I’m going to show you how to do a simple Cornerstone decoration. Since Cornerstone decorations needs to face a certain direction, which in this case is the z-axis, this will help you with the orientation aspect.

**Quick Note: visit http://trove.wikia.com/wiki/Art_and_Creation_Guides for the Art and Creation Guide. It also shows you how to create Material Maps.


To start of is Orientation. Orientation can be the most confusing in Magica since it doesn’t specify exactly what direction is facing. Start off by creating a 12x12x12 model for the Cornerstone decoration. When you create it, it shows you the whole side of one face. This is where the orientation takes place.


For demonstration purpose, I highlighted each side a different color. The “front” side is the red, this side, when preview in-game, is facing away from the z-axis. To solve this problem all you need to do is rotate to the z- axis. You can do this before or after you do your creation (I prefer to do this after). To do this before, all you need to do is work on the other side of the plane, by rotating it. You should be facing the green side now. Or you can create your model, then rotate to the z-axis by going over to the “Edit” column and open the tab that says “Rotate” and press the “Y” button twice. But before or after your creation is made you’ll have to flip the x-axis to get it the right way in the game. I’ll explain this later. This will solve the orientation problem.


Creating is the fun part. The thing about Magica is that it won’t let you create anything out of the volume size. This is good to prevent making your model getting bigger than the size limit, while others don’t like this idea I actually prefer it. Also the only down-size of Magica is that there is no grid on the ground or sides, but you can create a grid on the surface of the model by opening the tab “Line” listed under the “Brush” column and then clicking on the “G” button.


When creating your model the only issue is when you remove the block to start from scratch, it’s hard to see where the sides are at. To accommodate for that, what I do is remove everything except I leave the corners up. Since the corners are rarely used, this helps in showing where your limit is. For this, I made the front corners be green (the side that’s facing the Z-axis) and the back corners red.


Another thing that would make life a bit easier is to add a layer of voxels on the ground so you can see where the grid is at. The same can be done on one side. (Just remember that your one voxel higher from the ground, but if you forget there is a quick fix).


To begin, I will be doing a simple table. To start off, create a base and legs. For this I’m just doing a simple one leg table.


Then build the top of the table. While I was building, I went ahead and made the base a bit bigger.


Then go on ahead and add any more details you wish to add. Now that the table is finished, you can see I have the floor to get rid of. As I said earlier there’s an easy fix.


Head over to the “Brush” column and click on the Loop button, or the “M” keyboard shortcut key. Click anywhere on the model and slide it down until the “floor” is at the top.


Here you can get rid of the entire top plane or, in this case, adding it to the design.


Now, you can go ahead and start to color the table as you wish. Here I colored it according to the color scheme earlier for orientation purpose.


After you’ve finished make sure you flip the x-axis orientation to insure that they are facing the right orientation when previewed in-game. This is why I normally do the orientation part at the end.



This next step is optional if you want to create Material Maps. If not you can skip over to the Blueprint section.

 Material Maps:

This is one I had trouble with when I first started creating. In http://trove.wikia.com/wiki/Material_Map_Guide it tells you the coding in creating a Material Map. To start, you need to have saved your model by giving it name, then making a new copy and giving it a new name.


The first one I’ll be working with is the Type Map. Here you can make the block glow, a glass, or both. For the colors I made the blocks glow, while the rest is default colors. Make sure you name this the same name as before but with a “_t” at the name.


Next is the Alpha Map. Here you can set the transparency. For this I’ll leave mine all solid. Save this copy with the “_a” at the end.


Lastly is the Specular Map. Here you can set the blocks to be metal, water, or iridescent. The colors I set to be iridescent, while the rest is default. Save this copy with the “_s”.


Now that the character maps are finished we can go ahead and start the Blueprints.


Blueprints are very easy to do. Firstly you’ll need to save the files as “.qb” files. To do this you’ll need to head over to the “Edit” column and open the tab export and you’ll see the “qb” button. Make sure you have the file open then click on the “qb” button.


After you’ve finished you should have four files. To find your files, head over to where you’ve downloaded MagicaVoxel and open the folder that says “export”.


You’ll drag and drop the original file to the “devtool_convert_to_blueprint” file. Which can normally be found in this file location C:\Program Files\Glyph\Games\Trove\Alpha. If not then you’ll have to search the original location Trove is installed.


Now you have a blueprint.




To preview the item you’ll need to download the Trove client to access the MetaForge. Even if you don’t have alpha access anyone can access MetaForge by going to http://www.reddit.com/r/TroveCreations/comments/25e7t2/important_only_accepting_blueprint_files_now/ and downloading the Trove Client. To get there, there is no button to press to head to the MetaForge, just click on F6 and you’ll be transported to the MetaForge (don’t try logging in it won’t do anything). Also on that website it tells you the commands in previewing items. For the table you’ll type “/decopreview [nameofblueprint]” (without the brackets or quotation). And there you go you got the preview of your Cornerstone Decoration. See how the green is facing on the right side (Z-axis) and the yellow portion to the right. When done before hand on Magica, you can get the right orientation on Trove the first time.

2014-07-18 044354

Also notice the glowing blocks when it’s at night when the Material Maps were added.

2014-07-18 044559

Thanks for going through this tutorial with me. If you have any questions or suggestions comment below.

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